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CEC CH. 99 Awards Banquet

Commences at 6:00 pm 

Hamilton's Banquet Hall in
Jacksonville, IL



8/12/2016: CEC Chapter 99 provides Professional Development Hours at all workshops, except for the banquet.  In order to receive those, participants must bring their IEIN number with them.Participants attending CEC Chapter 99 workshops and receiving those clock hours will be required to complete a follow up survey on positive changes they have implemented in their classrooms as a result of attending the workshops.

The Council for Exceptional Children Chapter 99 promotes the education and welfare of children with disabilities and those who are gifted and talented.  A full array of programs are provided each year with nationally recognized speakers and topics are based on the needs of the members. Meetings are always open to the public.  All community members are encouraged to attend the timely topics.     

A variety of scholarships are available to attend the statewide Illinois CEC Convention and some parent scholarships to attend the local workshops.  Individuals do not need to be members in order to attend meetings.  Outstanding local educators and community members who contribute to the welfare of individuals with disabilities are recognized with awards.   
​Members receive regular newsletters from CEC Chapter 99 and receive journals from International CEC.    

Chapter 99 is one of the oldest and most active chapters in the country.  We are a chapter of the Illinois Council for Exceptional Children and the International Council for Exceptional Children.  Membership is open to educators and associate membership is also available. All members are required to belong to the International Council for Exceptional Children.



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